about weloveparks

An organization aimed at nature conservation through the assistance of parks which has nature conservation is key as one of their core focus areas. (National parks, city parks, ocean parks, they all need assistance.).

Sustainable parks are crucial pieces of the conservation puzzle. Possibly the most crucial as it is the coal face between humans and nature.

  • It presents a management tool to protect and conserve.
  • It presents an educational platform.
  • A well-run park presents a way to generate income through tourism and content generation which can be applied directly to conservation.
  • Finally, and most importantly, parks are a pragmatic tool to enable individual responsibility and activism.
Commercial Benefit

We actively look for funding and/or revenue for parks. Projects or structural funding. Each project is listed and discussed, we then look for the funding. We also provide a service which can assist in managing the project management where this capacity does not exist.

Volunteer Services

Parks are hard work and needs labour. Often large scale projects which requires many pairs of hands for kilometres on end. We assist in identifying projects, lining up volunteers and achieving goals.

We are working hard on a schools volunteer program to dovetail with the overarching theme.

to Parks

Experiencing nature, is life changing. One of our primary goals is to get more people into nature. For a first time, and then thereafter.

Much of the fund raising and volunteerism is actually much more valuable as a means to create awareness and consciousness.


The aim is to create support services where parks need support to fight bigger battles.

We are currently investigating assistance with training modules for tourism focused jobs for parks.

How and Why we do it

Nature conservation is our passion – pure and simple.

We believe nature conservation needs money to work effectively, but it also needs real humans to be exposed to it in as many forms as possible to understand the wonder of nature. Finally, many people do want to contribute or volunteer but lack a platform.

We strongly believe that there are millions of people across the globe wanting to get involved and assist in projects like these and generating funds for them, or just helping out. Nature conservation is not a hobby for the rich, or the west, or specific countries. It is something which directly touches every single human and living being on earth. Crucially it touches all of our hearts and minds. Our aim is to create open processes with regards to funding, finances, volunteerism and hopefully spill directly into personal individual responsibility and activism. In essence to open source the projects we get involved in, to maximise the chances of success for the project, and for people to get involved.

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